How to use Telesavers?

TeleSavers is easy to use because our access numbers are available from almost any telephone in the UK*. The international connection charges and VAT are included in the price stated for calling our access numbers. You will not receive a separate telephone bill from us; your call charges to our access numbers will simply appear on your telephone bill from your normal provider, usually BT but you can also use TeleSavers from other providers or mobile phones. When you make a call using TeleSavers, we receive a small margin of the call costs from your normal provider and therefore we do not have to send you a separate bill.

You can use TeleSavers even if you are subscribed to another call provider and save even more money on your international calls.

How it works?

  1. Dial the relevant access number for the country you wish to call.
  2. Once you are connected you will hear a voice prompt, now dial the international telephone number in full (including 00).

For example:

You want to call landline number 0123456789 in France. Dial the relevant access number for France (0845 244 30 30). Once you are connected dial the country code for France 0033, followed by the subscriber number without the 0: 123456789. So dial 0033 123456789! That's all!

The Advantages:

  • No pre-payment or calling card needed
  • Your provider will invoice you as usual
  • No subscription or hidden costs
  • Tariff message played before each call
  • All prices include VAT
  • No bills from TeleSavers

*Our access numbers are available from BT, mobile phones, pay phones and other call providers. The rates stated are base on BT rates, for all other operators, including mobile operators, please check with your provider for the rates they charge to our access numbers. Calling f rom a mobile phone or payphone may be surcharged by your operator. We cannot influence the rates charged by other operators as non BT operators set their own charges on their billing systems. For more information see our Help option.